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What seperates us

Why Choose EQ @ HQ?

EQuanimity at HeadQuarters

Workplace Well-Being is a top priority.

  • A thriving organization starts with thriving employees. Taking care of our psychological health requires the same commitment and regime as taking care of our physical health. EQ@HQ offers a comprehensive training program for leaders in workplace well-being that is grounded in evidence based positive psychology and organizational psychology.


It's time for a change.

  • The increasing level of complexity, and uncertainty requires a new way of thinking. Even before COVID-19, leaders and enterprises were faced with VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (Bennis & Nanus). 


Team effectiveness has become even more critical, and knowledge must be synthesized.

  • An enterprise’s success relies on the synthesized wisdom of its teams; silo’d groups no longer work in today’s demanding markets. 
Innovative enterprises are built on authentic collaboration.

Unabashed collaboration and open knowledge sharing are needed for cultivating a collective intelligence, and this emerges from individual emotional intelligence.  Only when every individual takes the time to really focus inward, to their own unique wisdom, can they then put their best Self forward. Creating an environment that invites, supports and emerges  unique ideas, perspectives and angles of wisdom will cultivate a systemic intelligence. 



Equanimity equals empowerment.

When team members are empowered with the super-skill of equanimity, they are open to learn, to share, to inquire, and to engage in a collaborative excellence.  Equanimity is about anchoring from within; equanimity can emerge at the individual, team and organization level.  Equanimity is the how-to behind the expression “keep calm and carry-on”. Equanimity, inevitably, expands a leader’s tolerance for ambiguity,  and a team’s level of psychological safety.





The new intelligence is about the collective ability to tune-in and evolve.

The enterprise intelligence of your headquarters (HQ), starts with the emotional intelligence (EQ) of your team members.  How does your team engage, and optimize everyone’s pure potential? How do your leaders expand their power to grow?






The Mind Well-Being of your team matters.

Taking time to reflect, renew, and reset are critical to self-care and strategic thinking. Technology has disrupted the ability to “shut off”, yet our brains need to rest just like our physical bodies do.  Understanding the interdependence of  mind/body/spirit is critical to true self-care. Our cognitive capacity increases when we give our minds a rest and know how to fill our resource-bucket. 






Team Engagement in a virtual world has changed.

Engagement starts with authentic conversations, just like the kind we used to have in-person.  Although virtual office-ing has its perks, we are missing the human touch-points.  More than ever before the quality and authenticity of our online communication matters. Engagement starts with caring about each other and knowing how to really listen. 





Uncertainty has increased the need for Effective Teams.

Lean into what is certain: your team. Each member of the team arrives to the challenge with a different  perspective, and the more perspectives on a problem, the broader the view.  The glue that binds a team is shared common purpose. Mission, vision, meaning  and purpose play a key role in the health of you teams, along with psychological safety.





“A leaders’ ability to remain equanimous, or have a calm mind, clear heart, and fierce spirit is their greatest weapon against stress.”